not personally know all the artists, I photographed their works but not with all of them have spoken.
    Top link of their association. I’m sure you’ll find the artist you are looking for even contacting their president, a very helpful person.

  2. Thank you for your answer, but I was talking about photo number 3, it is the one above “R. Imperatori”.
    I would like to get an email address or website of the painter.
    Any details would be helpful!
    Thank you!

  3. I hope you understand: his name R. Imperatori
    if you click on the photo maybe you read it yourself

  4. Could anyone tell me the name of the painter whose artworks are presented in photo no.3? Thank you!!!

  5. Grazie Ema,

    per il tuo gradito commento lasciato su Reportage “Cirque du Soleil”.

    Complimenti a te per questo tuo reportage interessante e completato con splendide foto di Roma By Night.

    Grazie per averlo proposto.

    Un saluto da lago


  6. Grazie marivodo (Senior)!

  7. Brava, Roma è sempre bella da vedere anche in foto :flowers:

  8. Dettagliato e interessante articolo, corredato da belle foto.